5 Good Reasons Why You Should Landscape the Areas around Your Swimming Pool

May 11, 2021

If you are considering landscaping the areas around your home swimming pool, this is a good time to get started. There are multiple benefits to enhancing your home property with beautiful and inviting lawns, gardens and walkways surrounding the pool. Stunning landscaping of your poolside area will greatly improve your property’s curb appeal and increase its market value.

The aesthetic beauty and value of your residential property will also be enhanced by your luxurious new lawns and gardens. You and your entire household will enjoy more relaxing leisure time in your new natural poolside paradise. In addition, you will most likely entertain more often, inviting friends and business associates to enjoy your stylish new outdoor haven.

Five Important Reasons for Landscaping the Areas Surrounding Your Swimming Pool

Five major reasons for landscaping the areas around your home swimming pool include the following:

1. Lush Green Lawns.
Beautiful green lawns surrounding your outdoor pool add relaxing natural style. With a professionally landscaped lawn bordering your home pool, you can enjoy the pleasing elegance of flawless design and stunning aesthetics. Just a simple green lawn design is all that is needed to give your poolside area the look and atmosphere of pure and healthy luxury.

2. Poolside Plants. Fresh green plants, bushes, trees and flowers in season can truly transform your home poolside areas into a paradise. If you live in a warm or tropical climate, exotic plants such as palm trees, bird of paradise, papyrus, canna and hibiscus are ideal. If your home is located in a region with cooler temperatures, lilac, honeysuckle and rose bushes, shrubs, saplings and evergreens can decorate your pool retreat with style, colour and charm.

3. Poolside Accent Lighting.
When you have trees, stone walls, water features or natural wood fences surrounding your swimming pool, you can easily add accent lighting. Some homeowners choose embedded lights along stairways and terraced walkways for the look of casual elegance.

Post-mounted lanterns or suspended strands of softly glowing accent lights can offer a more simple or rustic allure. Even if you have strong floodlights placed at intervals throughout your poolside spaces, these extra accent lights are essential for safe, secure walking at night.

4. Hardscape Design and Water Features.
Unless your poolside spaces already have walkways, fountains, waterfalls, stone walls and stone-crafted, brick or tile walkways, you may want to add at least one of these items. Even a simple stone walkway encircling your pool and winding through gardens back to your house can be both enchanting and practical.

5. Outdoor Fireplaces.
Bright, flickering outdoor fireplaces or fire pits can add additional illumination to your pool area while lending pure natural charm. Their warm, natural ambience also offers an inviting setting for outdoor evening entertaining. You, your family and friends will most likely spend more time by the pool lit by firelight at night well before and after the warm weather months.

By consulting our experts at Delorenzo Pools located in Carrum Downs, Victoria, you can obtain top-quality advice and services for poolside landscaping. Our fine team of experienced professional pool designers, builders and landscapers will listen carefully to your landscaping desires and needs.

They will ensure that all of your requested elements are included in your completed poolside enhancement project. They will provide you with stunningly beautiful, functional and safe poolside surroundings that will completely satisfy and even surpass all of your wishes and dreams.


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