5 Things to Consider When Choosing Swimming Pool Tiles

November 23, 2020

One part of the swimming pool that you must assess and choose very carefully is its pool tiles. Pool tiles basically cover the surface of the pool and make its maintenance much easier as compared to a bare pool surface. Pool tiles are also installed since they boast qualities that can improve the appearance of the swimming pool. Without pool tiles, it would be difficult for property owners to maintain the pool and obtain the needed enhancement over the property looks and value.

When choosing tiles for your swimming pool, here are 5 things that you need to consider.


If there is one element that can tie all other elements, it would be the overall design of your pool tiles. Looking for and finalising the best pool tile design can easily help you determine the qualities of your pool tiles. When choosing your pool tile design, you must consider the colour of your pool water reflection and the surrounding elements of your pools such as stone coping and feature walls. You may want to search online for pool design inspirations so you can get a full view of your desired outcome.


Swimming pool tiles normally come in a wide variety of materials. Knowing the qualities of each material can help you pinpoint the best one for your pool. Glass pool tiles may be expensive, but they are known for their durability and customisability. Stone pool tiles, on the other hand, can give you a more natural look and textured feel, which can be great for pools close to a patio or deck. Ceramic and porcelain tiles, ultimately, are the most popular options for swimming pools as they come in great colours and designs. 


The colours of your tiles would mostly depend on your personal preferences. But ideally, your pool tiles must make your swimming pool to be more relaxing and inviting. Most pools have blues and greens since these colours can produce the mentioned qualities. One crucial factor that you must consider when choosing the colour of your pool tiles is your water. Even though water is naturally colourless, its colour can change through the tiles. As the sun hits the water, if your pool tiles are light-coloured, then your water can easily turn light blue. Dark tiles, alternatively, can make the pool more mysterious looking.


Grout is essential for tiles since it fills the joints between them. Choosing the best option for your grout is vital so that your pool tiles can be installed firmly and can look amazing. Its colour must be integrated with the one that you have chosen for your actual tiles. For coloured pool tiles, you may want to opt for grey grout. Off-white grout, alternatively, is best for white or light-coloured pool tiles.


If you are concern about the cost of your pool tiles, then you may want to recheck your priorities about your swimming pool. When buying your pool tiles, you must not only prioritise their overall appearance, but you must also take note of their durability and other characteristics that would make them last longer. After all, expensive pool tiles do not necessarily mean that they do not break easily.

To help you choose the best tiles for your swimming pool, feel free to contact us at Delorenzo Pools Melbourne.

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