Best Pool Design Trends in 2020 Owner Builders Need to Know

January 7, 2020

The year 2020 will be a fun one if you follow and incorporate the best design trends to some parts of your property. If you are looking for some design trends for your home, then you have come to the right place. Almost all property owners have felt to change some things on their home whenever a new year comes. And for some of them, changing the design language of the pool may bring them fulfilment and happiness.

If you have decided to finally change the look and feel of your pool, or if it has been recently damaged, then you can follow these design trends as your guide to make your pool feel newer and more modern than ever before.  

Promote a Place for Gathering

You see, the popularity of social media interaction has halted a lot of personal interaction among people. Thankfully, people nowadays want to bring back the good old-fashioned interaction and communication. With pools, you can now build built-in ledges and place lounge chairs around the pool. Benches and bar stools can also be installed on the side of the pool. 

Through the installation of these things, all people will have the opportunity to interact with one another. Some may be swimming while others may be on the edge of the pool. At the same time, some of these people can sit on the lounge chairs to do usual activities while talking to others.

Embrace a Darker Pool Finish

The elegance of a pool can come with your choice of colour. If you want your visitors or even family members to be attracted to your pool, then you must choose a dark interior pool finish for them to stay around. The dark interior pool finish also retains heat that can cut heating cost for the water of your pool. Moreover, this specific finish can hide any type of dust, dirt, and debris better than a light finish.

Try Out Shallow-Depth Pools

And if you are into sports and exercises, then having a shallow-depth pool is certainly for you. An ordinary pool has both a shallow and deep end. In contrast, pools nowadays are leaning towards shallow-depth characteristics since a lot of people are now into a healthy lifestyle even in pools. 

Maximize Smart Technology

When modernising your pool, it is ideal for you to try out smart products, most especially smart lighting. You can use smart lighting within and around your pool area to ensure easier customisation and modification for the following years to come. After all, future-proofing your pool won’t hurt your budget in the long run, since smart lighting supports a bunch of colour options. The colours available for you can meet whatever you want and prefer. The brightness and behaviour of the lights are also controllable with smart lighting technology.

Prioritise Efficient Essential Systems

To make your pool more efficient after this upgrade, then you must invest in an automated cleaning and filtration systems. With these systems, you won’t need to worry about periodic cleaning and maintenance that usually cost you a lot of money and time. Moreover, there are a lot of these systems offered at a reasonable price compared to years ago. 

Changing your pool according to the latest design trend can be beneficial to you for the years to come. You can save a lot of money spending design changes every year if you can just future-proof your pool now. If you want to know more about pool design trends, call us now at Delorenzo Pools Melbourne. We can give you the best design for your pool that matches your preference.

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