Clear Signs that Tell You to Renovate Your Melbourne Swimming Pool

September 28, 2020

If you own a swimming pool in your property, then you can expect it to truly boost your overall property value. However, this specific value may deteriorate if your pool has been not renovated for a long time. Despite regular cleaning and maintenance, your pool would still be prone to deterioration and decline over time due to wear and tear of its components and materials. These issues alone are sufficient for you to subject your pool under major renovation works.

To know if your pool is in dire need of renovation works, then here are some clear signs to look out for.

Broken or Damaged Walls

The tiles used on the walls of your pool are usually made from durable, long-lasting materials. However, if your pool has been around for several years, then some of the wall tiling on your pool is expected to have been deteriorated. Your pool walls may even manifest serious cracks, chips, and other imperfections that can consequently affect the quality and performance of the pool. Renovating your pool is needed to fix and eventually replace broken or damaged pool tiles.

Pool Surface Deterioration

Similar to broken or damaged walls on your pool area, the actual surface of your pool may also deteriorate after a long time of use. The presence of damages to the pool surface is normally caused by the imbalance in the pool chemistry. Filling up the pool too early can also cause the deterioration of the pool surface, resulting in the wearing down of plaster over time. Any presence of pool surface deterioration instantly calls for a renovation to effectively ensure the safety and integrity of the whole pool structure.

Lack of Security Features

Your swimming pool may be in pristine condition, but it may lack some security features that are needed for safe swimming activities. Poor lighting conditions, the slippery surface around the pool, and the lack of appropriate electrical design all over the pool can result in catastrophic accidents in the long run. These issues may be the result of either the pool’s old age or the lack of proper maintenance and assessment. If you have these issues, then you may want to acquire help from professionals.

Soaring Energy Spending

Aside from quality and safety concerns, a swimming pool will most likely need major renovation works if it keeps on using more energy than it should have. Old pool equipment and devices typically require a huge amount of energy just to sustain their functionalities and operations. Replacing them with more energy-efficient ones will surely surprise you on how big you can save on utility expenses. After all, modern pool equipment and devices consume around 30 to 45% less energy than their old counterparts.

Old Swimming Pool Design

The looks and appearance of your swimming pool are important in maintaining its overall value. Even if you use modern equipment or replace your old pool tiles, retaining your old, traditional pool design can risk your chance of getting greater resale value once you decided to sell your property. Opting for a more modern swimming pool looks can significantly increase the value of your property. Updated designs can likewise suit newer features that can not only help enhance property value but can also save energy. Safety and security can likewise be incorporated smoothly with a new swimming pool design.

Renovation works are integral in maintaining and even increasing the value of your pool. To know more about pool renovation works, feel free to contact us at Delorenzo Pools Melbourne.

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