Cost-Effective Swimming Pool Renovation Ideas for Owner Builders

October 22, 2020

A complete renovation of the pool and its surrounding area is usually required to make a property much more attractive and more valuable. While renovations are basically an investment on their own, some of them can be truly beneficial for the pool and the whole property in terms of overall cost-effectiveness.

If you want to obtain a cost-effective, functional, and beautiful swimming pool, then here are some renovation ideas that you can apply for your pool.

Resurfacing Swimming Pools

At first, the surface of a newly constructed pool would look amazing and clean. But as time passes by, this same pool surface may deteriorate in quality and appearance, making the whole swimming pool area unattractive to look at. With pool resurfacing, you can easily replace your old and weary surface materials with ones that are durable and sustainable. Additionally, you may want to opt for aggregate finish materials so that your pool surface will obtain a beautiful, colourful appearance and a robust overall finish. Aggregate finishes boast different colours and are integrated with stones, shells, and other materials.

Major Waterline Tiles Upgrade

Another renovation idea that can make your swimming pool cost-effective is to upgrade your waterline tiles. Changing the waterline tiles will not only make the tiles look brand new, but it also allows the whole pool to possess a new overall appearance and style. Some elements of waterline tiles that you can modify are style, colour, and finish. The upgrades made with waterline tiles may be easily tied with the upgrades that will be implemented on the swimming pool resurfacing. Doing this renovation works also costs cheaper than other swimming pool renovation works.

Installation of Water Features

Water features such as fountains, waterfalls, sprayers, and others may be expensive to install, but their very presence on a swimming pool area can significantly boost the value of your property. Installing them can be cost-effective after a few years as they can attract many potential buyers in the future. You must, however, expect some increase in maintenance costs of the pool since they must be maintained regularly. Water features can also increase overall energy consumption and bills.

Integrating Automation Systems

There are a lot of pool systems released today that are functional and can help the pool perform tasks easily. Some of the equipment that you can buy for your pool include robotic cleaners, automatic pool covers, and pool automation systems that can be controlled remotely. Another system that you can install on your pool is a saltwater system. Saltwater systems utilise salt to produce chlorine in the water. Pools that have saltwater can easily help people swim without experiencing irritation to the skin, eyes, and hair. The same saltwater can also prevent the pool surfaces from getting damaged.

Other ways of obtaining cost-effective pools are planting greeneries around the pool area and adding LED lighting below the water or around the pool area. If you want to know more about these pool renovations, just give us a call at Delorenzo Pools Melbourne.

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