Cracked Cement and Tiles: Why Swimming Pool Renovation Better than Just the Easy Fix?

January 31, 2019

If you own a swimming pool, you no doubt already understand all of the wonderful benefits that it can entail. From having your own luxurious relaxation getaway to having a dedicated place to host social gatherings, your pool gets a whole lot of use during the warmer seasons. Despite all of the luxury that your pool can bring you, problems can eventually begin to crop up. One of the most common issues plaguing pool owners involves cracked cement and tiles that are beginning to wear out. Most pool owners will reach for the spackle in order to slap together a quick fix, but is this really the right solution?

Pool Renovation Vs. The Quick Fix

Here at Delorenzo Pools, we believe in doing the right thing right away, rather than waiting for the right choice to be forced upon us. When it comes to your cracked cement and broken tiles, the issues may seem small enough to quickly fix and forget about but that doesn't mean that they will stay away. In fact, if you have an older pool than these two issues may be symptomatic of your need for a complete pool renovation. With all of that being said, pool renovations host a variety of benefits over the quick fix irrespective of the age of your pool. Don't believe us? Keep on reading, we'll showcase a few ways that the thorough pool renovation can beat the easy fix.

1) Improve Your Efficiency - When you have an older pool or a pool that is beginning to fail, a remodel is the perfect time to upgrade the components of your pool. Change out your electrical equipment and old plumbing and you'll be amazed by how much less energy is being consumed.

2) Spice Up The Aesthetics - During a full-scale remodel, you have the chance to really take a hold of how your pool looks. Change up the style and design your pool in a way that is fresh, new and exciting. Having a new eye-catching design can make all of the difference in the world for the first impression that your swimming area gives people.

3) Prevent Future Issues - Incidentally, cracks in your tiles and cement are often symptomatic of larger issues beginning to manifest. By renovating the entire pool, you'll get the chance to offset potential future issues before they even become an issue!

Here at Delorenzo Pools, we believe in bringing you only the best in swimming pool solutions. Call us today for a consultation or an estimate on any and all of your swimming pool needs. We are happy to help you get the pool that you deserve.

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