Cracked Pool Tiles: Common Causes and Preventive Solutions

May 15, 2019

Some pool tiles will eventually crack, it is only a matter of time when it will happen. There are several reasons as to why pool tiles crack, understanding these will help prevent cracked pool tiles.

What Causes Cracked Pool Tiles?

Even under normal circumstances, pool tiles may crack with repeated exposure to heat and moisture, as concrete or the mortar that hold them into place expands and contracts. Every time you drain the pool and leave tiles exposed to direct sunlight, they become dry and are more prone to cracking.

Leaving the pool unattended when its water levels go down are another reason why pool tiles crack. What this does is expose upper areas of the pool structure and tiles to heat. In these cases, homeowners can prevent cracked pool tiles by not neglecting to maintain proper water level in their pools.

It could take months or years of neglect before cracks start to show. However, it is not uncommon for pool tiles to crack naturally. The urethane bead and coping protecting tiles wear out with time, and cause pool water to seep behind them. As a result, tiles become delaminated and loosen or crack with age.

Other common reasons why pool tiles crack is poor construction and the use of low quality materials. Pool construction requires extreme precision, from testing the soil to using the right tiles and adhesives, which is why hiring established professionals is advised. If you hire the wrong company, you risk ending-up with a badly constructed pool and many problems. For example, pool tiles may not hold up that long and start to crack within days or weeks.

How to Prevent Pool Tiles from Cracking

As a homeowner, ensuring that your swimming pool is properly cared for is an important responsibility. Never let the water level fall too low for prolonged periods, and if you have to drain the pool as part of maintenance, then make sure to cover it with to avoid directly exposing the tiles to heat. One of the best ways to prevent pool tiles from cracking is to hire professionals at Delorenzo Pools to take care of the maintenance of your swimming pool.

Delorenzo Pools is a Melbourne-based pool construction company that you can trust. As expert pool installers, we have been serving Victoria for almost 30 years and are able to guarantee the best results, as we only use top-quality products and materials.

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