Electrical Safety Precautions for Swimming Pools

September 30, 2021

Extreme caution must be observed whenever electrical equipment or devices are used near swimming pools. Always remember that water and electricity, when mixed, create a highly dangerous situation. Professional pool designers and installers know that there are special requirements for all electrical connections relative to pool construction and use. You should always hire a licensed electrical contractor to install, repair and maintain all pool wiring and electrical equipment or appliances.

Your licensed electrical contractor can also advise you about pool fence safety. In some instances and certain locations, pool fencing that is made of metal may need mandatory bonding. You should also consult your local council concerning swimming pool fencing safety regulations and compliance. Pools that are installed carefully to meet all requirements for electrical safety provide many hours of relaxation and enjoyment free of dangers from electrical issues.

Essential Electrical Safety Precautions for Your Swimming Pool

Important electrical safety precautions that you should heed concerning your swimming pool include the following:

  1. Safe Location of Electrical Equipment. Consult with your licensed electrical contractor to ensure that all of your outdoor electrical equipment is a safe distance away from your pool. This includes any meter boxes, switchboards or lighting and sound equipment. Your contractor can advise you about the safety advantages of installing permanent pool lighting rather than using portable lights.
  2. Compliance with Pool Lighting Requirements. All underwater lighting installations must comply with AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules. Precautions must be taken to prevent any water or moisture from leaking into electrical installations and equipment. In the pool and surrounding area, bonding metal work must be used.
  3. Use of Waterproof Equipment Covers. Ensure that all electrical equipment used near your pool is securely protected with waterproof covers. Permanent outdoor lighting and underwater pool lighting should be inspected on a regular schedule for any worn or damaged parts. All waterproof equipment covers should also be examined periodically for any cracks that may admit water during wet weather conditions.
  4. Safety of Pool Fencing. Consult your local council about requirements for safe pool

fencing. If you have pool fencing made of metal, it may need bonding. Most locales also have height requirements for pool fences as well as regulations concerning fence gate security. Your licensed pool contractor can also provide professional advice and services to ensure the safety of the fencing surrounding your pool area.

When you consult our experts at Delorenzo Pools located in Skye, Victoria, and serving Melbourne and all surrounding areas, you can obtain excellent advice and information concerning electrical safety precautions for your swimming pool. If you are making plans to have a new pool installed on your home property, our highly experienced designers, contractors, builders and installers offer full top-rated services for constructing new pools.

Our professional team knows the local safety requirements for pool construction. They will make sure that all necessary precautions are taken to ensure that your new pool complies with all of the requirements for complete pool safety and security. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your new swimming pool design and installation fully satisfy all of your desires, preferences and needs for the ultimate pool of your dreams.


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