Factors that Determine the Cost of a Pool Construction

February 7, 2020

Constructing a new pool can be costly. Unlike other home additions, a swimming pool can provide a great change in the overall landscape and design of your home. With proper design and structure, this pool can even add overall value to your home.

If you follow certain cost considerations for your pool, you may want to think about the following factors. These factors will determine how much you should spend on your swimming pool project to be a reality. 

Pool Size

One of the primary factors that make a pool cost expensive is its size. The construction cost of a pool is somehow similar to the cost of building an additional room. Depending on your preferred size, the construction of a pool requires materials and manpower just to finish it. If you want a large pool, then expect to shell out a lot of money for its construction.

Pool Location

Most of the time, pools are constructed on a flat area of the backyard. The normal costing of pools located on flat backyards is significantly cheaper compared to pools that will be built on more difficult terrain. Some properties are located on top of a sloping site, which requires special types of pool. This location can not only add difficulty to the construction of the pool but also entail more costly construction materials.

Backyard Access

Even if you have a flat area, the tools and equipment needed to do the pool works must still physically access the site first. If the diggers and soil removal trucks cannot entirely enter the proposed pool site, then special diggers and soil removal trucks will be dispatched. Depending on your hired construction company, some of them would already have these portable diggers and trucks. If they require the use of a crane or other equipment, then expect an increase in your total project cost.

Soil Condition

Once they have accessed your site, your construction company will assess the condition of your soil. If your backyards have a high water table, soft or reactive soils, or rocks beneath the surface, then they are required to do extra work. If you already know the composition of your backyard, then you can tell them right away so that they can bring in special tools right away.

Pool Shell Quality

Pool shells can be made from different materials. Pool shells most of the time rely on the type of your pool. If you will be constructing fibreglass pools, then expect a more expensive pool shell compared to others. Pool shells out of most reliable resins can be two to three times more expensive than the regular ones. Special materials are also incorporated into some poor shells, which can cost higher. Fortunately, expensive materials tend to be more durable in the long run.

Operating System

Pools have an operating system to keep the water circulating through a filtering system. This filtering system removes dirt and debris while people are using the pool. As technology progresses, different operating systems have been introduced to the market for more efficient and effective pool operating system. The differentiating factors for these systems are their power output requirement, level of maintenance, circulation power, and many more.

The cost of pool construction relies on various factors. However, a good pool construction company can still provide you the best of all things under a reasonable total project cost. We at Delorenzo Pools believe that you deserve to have your dream pool at an affordable rate.

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