FAQ: How Long Does it Take to Build Your Own Swimming Pool?

February 28, 2020

Constructing a swimming pool in your backyard may look easy, but the work behind it must go through a lot of steps first. Without good planning, the construction of your swimming pool will just waste a lot of your property space. Moreover, your time and money will also be wasted if you don’t plan the pool construction very carefully.

So, how long does it really take to construct and build your own swimming pool? And what are the factors that you should consider when constructing a swimming pool?

Features of the Pool

Before the construction begins, you must plan and determine first a lot of key specifications and design of your preferred swimming pool. You must know the type of pool that you are getting. The type of pool hugely depends on the material that you want. Additionally, you must also have an idea about the shape, size, colour, and location of your pool. To make your pool look better, you must also know the type of landscaping that you will be doing around it. Of course, you may also look into some safety features that you want to have on your pool. 

Type of Pool

One of the key factors that can hugely affect the time and duration of pool construction is your preferred type of pool. If you want a pool out of fibreglass, then expect prompt delivery of a pre-built pool shell. Once the pool shell is installed, the pool can immediately receive water within a couple of days or weeks. 

A pool out of concrete, however, requires contractors to build the pool shell on-site. This on-site construction of pool shell, as well as the addition of detailed and complex shapes on the pool structure, will certainly take several months before you can fully use the pool.

Time of the Year

Another factor that affects the duration of pool construction is the time of the year. While there is not much rain during the summer season, most contractors will certainly be preoccupied and be busy during these times. These contractors will certainly cater to a lot of people who would want to have their own pools during this season. So, the best time for you to get and hire professionals to work for your swimming pool is between June and July so that you get to enjoy your pool once the summer arrives again.

Consent from Authorities

The construction of a pool will not start without any valid permission from local authorities. Your hired contractor can help you process these permits and certificates so that the construction process is legitimate. A development application, which will outline all the construction process, will be submitted. Normally, the processing of permits and certificates will take around 4 to 6 weeks. Once the authorities have approved your application, then your pool construction can finally begin. 

The process of pool planning, hiring of contractors, getting permits, and the construction itself can certainly take several weeks or even months. If you want to hire the best contractor for your swimming pool construction, then give us a call now at Delorenzo Pools.

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