Geometric vs. Freeform Swimming Pool: Which Should You Choose?

March 5, 2019

If you are considering making an investment into your home, for the sake of your family, then having a custom-built swimming pool installed is great option. With concrete pools any shape and size is possible. However, before getting started, a decision has to be made as whether you want a geometric or freeform swimming pool design?

Comparing Geometric vs. Freeform Swimming Pool

You have made the decision to install a swimming pool in your backyard, but you aren’t sure whether to choose a geometric or freeform swimming pool design. You are not alone, many property owners have wrestled with the idea, but you shouldn’t feel that you have to make a quick decision, as the pool shape you choose should match your house and also be a reflection of your personal tastes, and it will take some time to come to decide.

To help you make the best choice, you can weigh the decision by looking at the comparison of geometric vs. freeform swimming pool designs here:

Geometric pool shapes – the shape of geometric pools are well-defined, shapes such as squares, and rectangles with straight lines and edges. However, an oval design shape is also a type of geometric pool shape. If you are trying to achieve a contemporary or formal look for your home, then a geometric pool shape is just right for you.

Benefits of geometric pools – this type of pool is a popular choice, as these are easy to construct, are typically more cost-effective than freeform pools, and the geometric shapes are better suited for people who enjoy swimming laps. Geometric shapes can also compliment any house structure, and allows for the very popular vanishing edge feature.

Freeform pool shapes – unlike geometric shape pools, there are no standard set of rules or shapes to follow, except for entry and exit points that have typically layered steps, but these are optional. This type of pool can be deigned to blend in with landscaping, to create a natural-like lagoon in your backyard. With concrete freeform pools, there is no limitation to the design, size, or shape of your pool, the only limit is your imagination and budget.

Benefits of freeform pools – the freedom to design any shape or size of pool makes it possible to have the swimming pool of your dreams. Because there is no size limit, freeform pools are perfect for small spaces, and have more customisation options available than geometric shape pools.

If you are ready to invest in your home by building a custom swimming pool, then choosing between a geometric shape and a freeform shape pool is the first step. If you aren’t sure about the design and shape of your new pool, not to worry, Delorenzo Pools in Melbourne can help you every step of the way, from designing, planning, and constructing your new family swimming pool.

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