How a Poor Landscaping Job Can Affect the Appeal of Your Swimming Pool

March 18, 2019

There might not be anything more enjoyable than installing a swimming pool in your backyard. When properly installed and maintained, a backyard swimming pool can provide function, fashion, and entertainment to you and your loved ones. While maintaining a swimming pool can be a tough job, it is a process that is still easy to understand. Unfortunately, properly landscaping a swimming pool can be a significantly more complicated task. Did you know that when you improperly landscape around your swimming pool, you can actively damage the appeal of the pool? Today, we'll be talking about how a poor landscaping job can negatively impact your swimming pool experience.

Poor Landscaping Can Impact Your Swimming Pool

When we think of landscaping, what comes to mind? You likely imagine a landscaping company with lawnmowers tending to your yard. Landscaping is actually much more complicated than simply keeping your yard visually pleasing. Landscaping is all about making your yard as appealing and healthy as possible. Adding a swimming pool can make your landscaping task even more difficult and complicated. Let's look at a few ways that poor landscaping can negatively impact your swimming pool experience.

1) Lack of Privacy - When properly done, landscaping around a swimming pool can lead to increased privacy. Consider the installation of safety and privacy fences or even carefully maintained trees and hedges. These landscaping features can go a long way toward keeping your privacy intact while you enjoy your swimming experience.

2) Increased Pool Maintenance - While we are on the topic of hedges and trees, poor landscaping can lead directly to consequences inside of your swimming pool! When leaves begin to fall, they can lead right to your outdoor swimming pool. For this reason, it is important to keep trees at an appropriate distance from your pool. It is also important to stay on top of your trimming and hedging.

3) Poor Night Lighting - Landscaping is about more than just tending to natural features. A properly landscaped pool will feature lighting elements that improve the overall experience of the pool. When you don't have convenient lighting installed into your yard, you limit your ability to use your pool safely while at night. A properly landscaped pool will feature convenient, effective, and appealing lighting.

Owning and maintaining a swimming pool can be a tough task on its own, but you cannot forget to properly landscape your yard. When you fully embrace landscaping your swimming pool, you end up getting so much more joy out of the feature itself. For help with all of your swimming pool needs, reach out to our team here at Delorenzo Pools Melbourne.

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