How Do Swimming Pool Automation Systems Work?

August 28, 2020

If you own a pool in your backyard, then it would be easy for you to get access to the relaxing benefits of swimming. Going for a quick swim after a long tiring day can easily get rid of the stress and relax you a little bit. You can likewise call on your family or friends to join you swim and bond together, allowing you to not only rest for a short time but also keep your relationships with others tight and intact.

Swimming can be an activity for leisure and taking off stress, but it can also help your body stay fit and healthy. It can enhance your mood, improve body system functions, build up strength, and so on. All these benefits can be truly helpful. However, there is one part of the swimming activity that tends to be frowned upon by many, and that would be the setting up of the pool.

Getting the Swimming Pool Ready

A great swimming pool must have a setup that is enjoyable and fun to swim at. One of the few things that must be running before going for a swim would be the lighting system. For daytime swimming, your lighting system may not have to run at its full potential. It may not even be turned on so that you can conserve energy. Alternatively, night-time swims would certainly require enough lighting to keep everything visible. Accidents might happen if the pathway to the swimming pool and the area around it are dim. Switching on the lights during evening swimming activities must be done first to keep you and everyone safe.

Aside from lighting, pool pumps must also function before going for a swim. Pool chemicals are often poured to the pool to sanitise the water. However, they must be circulated throughout the pool area so that the entire pool water is cleaned and sanitised. The needed circulation of water can only be carried out by a functional pool pump. Without this equipment, the pool water cannot be filtered, heated, and sanitised, which may pose health risks to the people who will be swimming in it.

Pool Automation Systems Can Help

Roaming around the pool area just to switch on the lights, pool pumps, and other needed things can waste a lot of time. It can even reduce the excitement as it can sometimes cause inconvenience for people who are too tired to operate everything and those who cannot wait and can get impatient quickly. Fortunately, swimming pool automation systems are made to eliminate all these annoyances.

A pool automation system allows you to maintain, schedule, and regulate all the features associated with your pool. Every product and device that is needed to ensure an enjoyable and safe swimming experience is connected to a control panel. As long as the place has a strong internet connection, the control panel can easily be controlled remotely through voice commands or smart devices. Alternatively, this specific panel can be controlled manually via its touchscreen control pad.

Aside from lights and pool pumps, the automation system can flawlessly control primary functions of the heater, filtration system, and water features. It can also be connected to your preferred virtual assistant and to various smartphone apps to make everything accessible.

Swimming pool automation systems can help pool owners control their pool devices under one control panel either manually or remotely. Just keep in mind that the installation of these systems would still require professional services due to the wirings involved.

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