Insightful Ideas on Lighting Up Your Swimming Pool Area

August 13, 2020

Your swimming pool area may have been one of the most sought out places in your home, especially if you always expect visitors like relatives and friends. Using great materials for your swimming pool itself can already be delightful in the eyes but adding some more enhancements can significantly improve its appearance and functionality by a huge percentage.

One enhancement that you can add to your swimming pool area is lighting fixtures. Lighting can easily improve the form factor and appearance of the pool. It can even blend in naturally with the surrounding landscape of your pool. Additionally, installing lights can significantly add more functionality and visibility to the area where your swimming pool is constructed.

Given the enhancements brought by lighting fixtures, here are some insightful ideas that you can apply to your swimming pool area.

Spotlights Underneath Water Features

Spotlights are lights that can greatly emphasise specific features of a landscape or a swimming pool. And if ever you have special water features like a fountain or waterfall, then you must place some spotlights underneath them. Placing these lights under the said water features can effectively trace the water movement. Wash lights can also be installed from the edge of the pool to create a subtle stream of light.

Path or Hardscape Lights for Pathways

Path lights are intended to light up pathways and stairways. To maintain safety and visibility around your swimming pool area, you must install some path lights so that they can work as a guide for people, especially during night-time. Hardscape lights can also be used to effectively light up the swimming pool area. These lights are usually embedded in steps, walls, and pathways for additional safety measures.

Use Floodlights for Lighting Huge Areas

Unlike other types of lights that are already previously mentioned, floodlights can illuminate huge areas with an intense amount of light. Portions of your yard where your swimming pool area is located can be illuminated and lighted up with floodlights. Patio or garden that is close to your swimming pool can also be lit up with the installation of floodlights since they can cast a wide beam of light. Underwater floodlights can also be used to light up your swimming pool area.

Feature Trees and Plants with Spotlights

Aside from water features, spotlights can also be used with trees and plants that surround your swimming pool area. Spotlights can easily uplight plants that give off mesmerising effects and more in-depth emphasis on their leaves and flowers. Downlighting, on the other hand, highlights the tallness and shadows of the trees since the light shines down from above.

String Lights Above Swimming Pool Area

String lights cannot solely illuminate dark portions of a swimming pool area. They, however, enhance the overall aesthetics of the area whenever they are hanged over patios or above the swimming pool area and wrapped around trees. Together with outer lighting options, these string lights can easily make the swimming pool area livelier and more colourful than it used to be.

These lighting ideas can help you gain a swimming pool area that is not only attractive but also safe for all time swimming activities. To know more about swimming pool lighting, just give us a call at Delorenzo Pools Melbourne.

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