LED Pool Lighting: An Eco-friendly Choice for Swimming Pools

April 16, 2019

If you are like many people who own a swimming pool, then you know how enjoyable it is to come home and have a swim after a long day, or during free time with friends and family. While owning a swimming comes with many benefits, it also comes with the burden of maintenance.

Swimming pool owners are always on the lookout for cost reducing measures, any way to lower the financial burden of maintain their pool. There are many aspects of pool maintenance, such as heating, filtering, and maintaining proper chemical levels of a swimming pool water.

One often overlooked part of pool maintenance is pool lighting. Surprisingly, pool lighting can be one of the best Eco-friendly ways to lower the financial burden of maintaining a swimming pool.

Benefits of Eco-friendly LED Pool Lighting

For pool owners who still use the older incandescent pool lights, you will be happy to discover that LED pool lighting is a step up in the right direction. LED lights in the past produced only a dim light and were not preferred to use in and around pools, but times have changed. LED lights have definitely come a long way and are now bright enough to be effectively used in swimming pools. In fact, they are now the pool lighting of choice!

For new pool owners who may not be familiar with pool LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting, it has become a very popular and energy-effective way to save money by replacing incandescent pool lights. Although these costs more, LED pool lights will last up to 50 time longer than incandescent pool lights!

One of the biggest advantages of using LED lights for your pool is that these consume much less energy, as little as 42 watts. Compare to typical incandescent pool lights that consume a whopping 300 to 500 watts. It doesn’t take a degree in mathematics to realise switching to LED pool lights can significantly lower your monthly energy usage.

Because they are so efficient, LED pool lights are considered Eco-friendly, and even produce almost no heat at all. Another benefit of LED pool lights is that they are available in multiple colours, and, LED pool lighting even have changing light patterns. This allows you to either fix one set light colour, or change the colour of the lights to set the mood for special occasion.

With Eco-friendly LED pool lighting, you can significantly lower your monthly energy costs, not have to worry about replacing pool lighting for years, and you have the ability to change the colour of your pool lighting whenever you want.

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