Smart Tips to Restore Your Pool Beyond its Original State

October 7, 2019

It’s true that a swimming pool requires plenty of maintenance for it to keep looking and functioning at its best. If you haven't had the diligence to clean your pool regularly or cover it when not in use; or if you’ve decided to drain it and left it that way for quite some time, then your swimming pool will begin showing signs of disrepair in a matter of months.

It may not be too late to restore your pool beyond its original state, when you follow these four tips:

Tip #1 - Have leaks repaired

The first thing you want to do is have your pool inspected for cracks that will cause pool leaks. Water pressure from your pool can cause these cracks to spread. Unless attended to immediately, the cost of repairing the cracks in your pool could skyrocket. Also, leaking chlorinated pool water can cause more damage to your garden and surrounding yard areas until you address the cracks and stop the leaks.

Tip # 2 - Clean the pool thoroughly

Failure to chlorinate your pool water can lead to the growth of algae, molds, and bacteria that can damage the surface of your swimming pool. By thoroughly cleaning your pool to remove infestations, and sanitising it for good measure, you can preserve and improve the surface of your pool.

Tip #3 - Replace old pool equipment

Inspect your pool equipment to determine its condition, such as filters and pumps, to make sure that everything is working properly. When pool equipment is not functioning properly, the condition of your pool suffers, as filters and pumps keep your pool water clean by removing sediments and particles. If your equipment is several years old and no longer functions effectively, then you should get it replaced.

Tip # 4 – Resurface your pool with coloured tiles

If you want to truly restore your pool beyond its original state, then it will take more than just regular maintenance, you will need to resurface your pool with coloured tiles. Pool resurfacing with coloured tiles will transform the look of your swimming pool beyond its original state into an oasis – a place your family will gravitate towards.

Pool maintenance is no easy task to undertake if you don't have the know-how, tools, or skills necessary, which is why pool owners should leave the job to qualified swimming pool experts. But when it comes time to restore the look of your swimming pool beyond its original state, then call the pool renovation experts at Delorenzo Pools.

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