Stunning Tile Ideas for a Luxurious Swimming Pool

February 26, 2021

Once your beautiful new indoor or outdoor swimming pool is designed, built and basically finished, you can focus on making it completely stunning and luxurious. At this point, your expert pool designers, engineers and builders will have finished installing an excellent filtration system to ensure pure, crystal-clear pool water. Your desired style for a glamorous or understated lighting design, sound system and spa pool interior will be in place.

Pool surroundings, deck and landscaping will be chic and inviting. You can already envision hours of leisurely swimming, partying and relaxation in and around your lavish and luxurious new pool. Now, the ultimate finishing touch to complete your glamorous pool interior is the installation of stunning colours and designs in the ultimate precision tiling.   

Stunning Styles and Brilliant Colours to Complete Your New Luxury Pool

Our experienced experts at Delorenzo Pools in Melbourne can offer excellent advice and services concerning all aspects of the completion of your new swimming pool. When it comes time for tiling your fabulous new pool, they can help you complete your vision of the ultimate fashionable pool design by installing such stunning tiles as the following: 

1. Iridescent Mosaic Tiles. These enchanting tiles are brightened by light approaching them from various angles. This produces a fantastic colourful rainbow effect to create pure magic in your pool. Although this superb glass tiling can be costly, your expert pool designers can supply luxurious cost-efficient tiles to bring ultimate fashion and flair to your new pool.         

2. Vitro Glass Mosaic Tiling. These glass mosaics offer a touch of sparkle and shine to the interior of your pool. Vitro glass has a special quality that causes light to reflect off of its surfaces as water streams over it. The water tends to magnify and spread the lovely glistening sparkle effect through the water as it moves, creating a captivating visual display for the viewer or swimmer. These mosaics are mesh-mounted and ideal for use in indoor and outdoor pools. 

3. Gold Fleck Glass Mosaic Tiles. These elegant, classic tiles bring a long-lasting sense of luxury to your pool and the surrounding areas. Each tile contains gold veins and streaks that radiate stylish fashion and sophistication.  

4. Natural Stone and Porcelain Tiling. Tiles made of porcelain or natural stone provide optimal quality wear and require low levels of maintenance. They offer a charming and stylish look and ambiance for your pool and spa. Similar designs can be located in limestone and marble as well.

5. Ceramic Tiles. This type of tiling is perfect for all water temperatures and climates. These tiles are not affected by UV rays from the sun or by acids found in treated water and pool cleaning agents. They contain no harmful substances of pollutants, and their beautiful surfaces last for long-term use and enjoyment. This type of tiling is highly sustainable, which makes it an ideal choice for green pool design and finishing. 

Although for many years these tiles were square in shape, rectangular tiles are now quite popular for pool tiling. Blue shades are the most frequently requested colour tones for pool tiles today, in both glass and ceramics. While glass tiles are used mainly for pool interiors, ceramic and stone varieties are used for terraces and other areas surrounding pools.

Other colours that are currently in vogue for pool tiling are black, green, aqua and charcoal. Red tiles are also sometimes requested. The latest trends in tiles for pools show an upswing in the use of mosaic tile blends. These tiles contain a combination of three or more different tiling colours, either subtle or dynamic. 

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