Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection: To Repair or to Renovate?

February 14, 2019

The process of swimming pool and spa leak detection is an important one since it can catch minor leaks before they become major ones. While leaks can occur in the basic structure of the pool, other ones will happen in the plumbing system. It depends on how large the leaks are and where they occur on whether you will need a repair or a renovation to remedy the issue.

Leaks Can Occur in the Structural Parts of a Pool and Spa

Cracks or holes can occur in both structural and plumbing elements in pools and spas to cause the water to leak from them. The four main types of in-ground pools are vinyl liner, fibreglass liner, concrete and gunite. Methods for repairing or renovating in case leaks will vary depending upon which type your pool or spa is on your property.

Leaks Also May Occur in the Plumbing System

Another area where leaks can occur is the plumbing system that delivers, filters and returns the water to the pool and spa. Typically, leaks happen in this system when the ground shifts over the years or from some type corrosion. Since the system contains return lines, suction lines, main drains, filters and pumps, locating a leak in this system is a job for a professional.

How to Know When to Renovate Instead of Repair

If a minor crack is in the structural areas of a pool or spa, only a repair may be necessary to eliminate the leak. On the other hand, if the crack is major or there are multiple cracks, you may require a full renovation to once again have your oasis leak-free. When the plumbing system leaks, it depends upon where the issue is whether or not you will require a repair or remodel. At times, major parts of the structure may need removal to access the plumbing adequately to remedy the issue or issues.

Pool Professionals Specialise in Leak Detection

Leaks can destroy the enjoyment of your pool and spa. For this reason, pool professionals specialise in the detection of leaks. They strive to catch and repair leaks before you need a major overhaul on your pool or spa. Professionals should check these structures periodically throughout their lives to ensure that they are leak-free.

For additional details about swimming pool and spa leak detection, contact Delorenzo Pools in Melbourne. We specialise in owner building, constructing, repairing and renovating pools and spas. Consult with our experts to learn how we can address your issues in the proper manner.

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