Swimming Pool Hazards: Why Owner-Builders Need Expert Guidance

August 7, 2019

The benefits of becoming an owner builder are many. The main benefit is the amount of money a property owner can save by building their own swimming pool. Compared to how much a pool contractor will charge, home owners can save as much as 50% off the cost by building a swimming pool themselves.

Of course, there are many factors that come into play when tallying-up the final cost of a swimming pool, such as the size, shape, and features, such as lighting and landscaping choices. However, regardless of the total price tag of a new swimming pool, and because owner builders have the freedom to plan, design, and construct a swimming pool as they see fit, the main concern should always be avoiding swimming pool hazards.

Owner-Builders can Avoid Swimming Pool Hazards with Expert Guidance

Although owner builders can plan, design, and construct a swimming pool on their own, it is highly advised and beneficial to seek out expert guidance and advise. There is a lot involved in the planning, designing and constructing of a new swimming pool. If not done correctly, a backyard pool can not only cost more than expected but can result in unexpected swimming pool hazards.

If you want to build your own backyard swimming pool, and you aren’t already an owner builder, no problem, you can get the expert guidance you seek from Delorenzo Pools. Specialising in professional consultation in swimming pool owner building, Delorenzo Pools can help you avoid unexpected and costly swimming pool hazards.

The size and shape of a swimming pool is important, as is the choice of pool lighting and the type of tiling and landscaping that surrounds pools. Delorenzo Pools can help you plan your pool’s size and shape to best fit your backyards dimensions and to ensure it does not block access to any utilities or areas of your home.

We can also provide expert guidance by recommending the placement and type of pool lighting that will ensure that the edge and areas around your pool can be clearing seen at night. Our pool professionals can also help you avoid swimming pool hazards by suggesting pool tiles that have anti-slip qualities and pool fencing that will keep children, pets, and visitors from accidentally falling into your pool.

Not to mention the expert guidance in planning, designing, and constructing your new swimming pool to save you money, but professionals at Delorenzo Pools will also help you avoid any swimming pool hazards.

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