Swimming Pool Heating System Benefits

April 13, 2021

Swimming pool heating systems are essential for homeowners with outdoor pools in the majority of locales today. Unless you live in a tropical climate with hot to warm and balmy temperatures throughout the year, heated pools are common. Even in warm climates, the cooler days of autumn, winter and early spring can turn brisk and chilling. 

Without a heated pool on your property, you will miss out on beautiful twilight swims and refreshing early morning dips. If you and other members of your household are avid swimmers, you will not be happy having to miss your time in the pool due to cold outdoor temperatures. 

By installing a superior quality heating system in your pool, you and your family and friends can enjoy swimming virtually any time of the year if you live in a mild to moderate climate. 

Different Types of Heating Systems for Your Pool 

You may choose to install electric, solar or natural gas swimming pool heating system. Electric heat pumps are energy-efficient and sustain consistent temperatures throughout all seasons of the year. 

Solar pool heating systems are eco-friendly as well as being cost-effective. With these heating installations, you will have no monthly service bills to pay. You can also choose system options for cooling your pool water during the hot weather. 

Natural gas pool heaters warm the water rapidly to attain a comfortable swimming temperature. This type of heating system is a good choice for households with members who do not swim on a regular schedule. When in the mood for a dip in the pool they can turn on the heat and enjoy a warm swim within a few minutes.

Major Benefits of a Top-Quality Heating System for Your Swimming Pool

There are important benefits to having an excellent heating system for your home’s outdoor swimming pool, such as the following:

  • Enjoy Night Swimming. With a quality heating system installed, the water temperature can be controlled so that it remains steady. This enables you, your family and friends to enjoy evening swimming and pool parties. 
  • Experience Healthy, Comfortable Exercise. Swimming for good exercise is healthier and more comfortable in a heated pool. The warm water helps prevent muscle aches and joint pain while you swim and helps eliminate after-swim stiffness. Warm pool water is also calming and relaxing, both physically and mentally.
  • Gain Value from Your Investment. A swimming pool is a healthy and valuable investment for your home property. When you install a quality heating system for your pool, you are adding more value. Not only are you extending the swimming season for you and your family, but you are also increasing your home property’s market value.

By consulting our experts at Delorenzo Pools serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you can benefit from excellent professional advice and installation services for a superior quality heating system to enhance your home swimming pool. Our experienced team will ensure that you select the ideal type of heating for your location, pool design and swimming habits.


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