Swimming Pool Owner Building Considerations this Summer: Contact Delorenzo Pools

January 22, 2020

The relationship between the summer season and swimming pools are pretty much intact. They go hand-in-hand as people would always swim just to escape the summer heat. Some people would go to the beaches or resorts for them to swim there and have fun. Others, however, have enough resources to construct swimming pools right on their respective backyards. 

Constructing a swimming pool in your backyard needs careful considerations and planning for everything to go smoothly. You see, the summer season only takes months before it shifts to another season. So, if your construction plans for the swimming pool turn out to be not as smooth as you have in mind, then you are missing out so much fun during this summer season.

When planning for your swimming pool, make sure to consider the following things so that you can experience swimming in your backyard as early as possible.

Design Plan

Before anything else, you must have a certain vision on what your pool might look like. Some elements that you must consider in planning your pool must revolve around its design, location, dimensions, materials, and boundaries. If you don’t decide on these elements, your contractor may come up with numerous design plans that are not in line with what you want. As this happens, your pool construction project might just get delayed. 

Pool Type

Just like your design plan, you must also choose the pool type that you want for your backyard pool. Keep in mind that every pool type has its own way and timeframe of installation. Some pool types may be faster to build, while others will take some serious amount of time before it is constructed fully. Take composite fibreglass pool and concrete pool as examples. The former can be installed over a short number of days, while the latter will most likely take numerous weeks or months for it to be completed. Additionally, price can be a determining factor for the pool type since there are pools that can be quite expensive to construct.

Permits and Consent

As both the pool design and type are now established clearly, you and your contractor must obtain formal consent and permits from your local council or planning authorities. You must show a detailed plan of the pool and its surrounding areas so that the authorities will determine if the construction doesn’t violate any rules. Approval takes a few weeks or months, and until such time, you are not permitted to carry out the pool construction without their formal go signal.

Production Timeline

After obtaining the necessary permits and consent, your contractor can now determine the projected timeline of your pool construction. They know the appropriate timeline for your pool, whatever the type is. However, keep in mind that your contractor may have other projects to consider so expect some minor adjustments at some point in the production timeline. To get your pool constructed early, then plan everything ahead of time. 

Having your own swimming pool is fun. You and your family members, or even your friends, get to swim whenever you want. Want to have your own pool? Contact us now at Delorenzo Pools Melbourne.

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