Swimming Pool Renovation in Melbourne: Consider Adding Waterfalls to Your Swimming Pool

February 27, 2019

Having a swimming pool is the dream of many property owners, and there are few things more refreshing and relaxing than being able to jump into a pool any time it gets hot outside. After owning a swimming pool for some time, it is common for people to want to renovate their pools with some special features, such as a waterfall.

If you live in Melbourne, and you are considering renovating your swimming pool, why not consider adding waterfalls? Adding waterfalls to your swimming pool is the best way to transform your backyard into a virtual oasis; a private place that not only has visual appeal, but an auditory allure that rhythmically relaxes you with natural sounds of running water.

If you want to renovate your swimming pool with a new look and features that will make a lasting impression on guests, but that will also increase the enjoyment you get from using your pool, then consider these benefits of adding a waterfall:

- Create a new look – if you want to truly transform the look and feel of your old swimming pool, there is no better way than by adding a well-designed and placed cascading waterfall, along with a few other aesthetic touch-ups.

- Pool edge rocks – adding decorative rocks where water can flow out from is significantly eye-catching, if it is done properly. Using lightweight faux rocks around the edge of your pool will drastically improve the look of your back yard, especially if you also have a pond as it can be made to appear as if the pond and pool are all one body of water.

- Increase filtration – as the waterfall moves water, it actually helps to enhance your pool’s ability to keep clean. Moving water is known to release negative ions which is scientifically proven to assist in purifying pool water.

- Evoke relaxation – the sound of steady running water is well-known for having a soothing effect on the brain and soul. When coming home after a long day, the auditory natural sounds generated by cascading water falling into your pool will evoke a feeling of relaxation, helping you to de-stress.

Once you have made the decision to renovate your pool, why not consider adding a waterfall?

For the best swimming pool renovation in Melbourne, Delorenzo Pools is the obvious choice. We can help you plan your pool renovation in a way that is designed uniquely to accommodate the natural features of your backyard, by adding attractive rocks that will create a stunning cascading waterfall that will benefit you and your family for many years to come.

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