The Effects of Covid19 in Swimming Pool Building Projects

June 8, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a boom in the demand for backyard swimming pools in Australia. Homeowners who worked from home throughout the past year were reminded of the relaxing leisure and luxury offered by a backyard pool.

According to experts at the Swimming Pools and Spas Association of Australia, this spike in the building of home pools is now a global trend. Many pool builders are completely booked with pool construction projects for the coming months. Industry leaders predict that this building trend will continue well into the future.

These experts suggest that before scheduling pool construction, homeowners should consider the cost of also installing safety fencing and gates. Australians, however, can invest in swimming pools and fences with funds that they had set aside for overseas travel. Of course, due to the pandemic, they had to cancel their travel plans. 

More Major Effects of Covid-19 on Home Swimming Pool Construction

Additional important effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on home life and activity in the home swimming pool industry include the following:

  • People Now Value Home Life More Highly. Everyone was required to adhere to lock-downs and limited activity outside the home during the pandemic. Many adults worked at their jobs remotely from home while the children attended virtual classes. Although the change was difficult for many households, once they made this lifestyle transition, they realised the great value of a quality home living environment. 
  • Guaranteed Travel Seems Less Certain. Before the days of Covid-19, most families planned their seasonal vacations well in advance. They had confidence that everything would go as planned. Others waited until the last minute to book travel dates, flights or train reservations and accommodations. They knew that once their reservations were made, nothing short of a national or global disaster could change their travel plans.

Yet once travel became either restricted or unavailable during the pandemic, families realised that we now live in an era when travel plans can be cancelled or delayed indefinitely. Having experienced this long-lasting global pandemic, they understood that travel options can change completely overnight. 

  • Families Feel Closer and More Unified Now. Having spent so much time together during the last year, many families now feel much closer. They feel much more like family units than they did previously. During the warm months in past years, the children often had group activities and swim dates with their friends at community pools on weekends. 

Parents and teens had parties and other social events on the backyard deck or terrace. Yet post-pandemic, it seems normal to swim and enjoy a home pool and outdoor meals as a family unit. This year, backyard pools have much greater meaning for families than ever before. 

When you consult our experts at Delorenzo Pools located in Skye, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding regions, you will gain excellent advice concerning home swimming pool construction. Our highly experienced team will guide you in selecting the ideal backyard pool design to make your outdoor spaces the centre of family activity throughout the warm months and hot sunny season this year.

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