The Importance of Professional Consultation in Swimming Pool Owner Building

June 17, 2019

While there are many benefits of becoming an owner builder when building a swimming pool, mainly that it can save you a lot of money when compared to how much it will cost to hire a pool contractor, homeowners still need professional consultation during all phases of pool design and construction. This is why it is very important to seek professional consultation in swimming pool owner building.

Professional Consultation in Swimming Pool Owner Building by Delorenzo Pools

At Delorenzo Pools Melbourne, we understand the importance of professional consultation in swimming pool owner building. Although becoming an owner builder has many benefits of allowing homeowners to build on their own property, most property owners lack professional trade skills and experience to design and construct a swimming pool on their own.

Professional consultation is definitely needed, and homeowners that want to avail of the provisions from becoming an owner builder and constructing their own swimming pool can receive the professional consultation they need, from Delorenzo Pools Melbourne. As pool professionals, Delorenzo Pools will help you achieve the swimming pool design you desire, guiding you through all phases of constructing your new swimming pool.

As a swimming pool owner builder, you have the last word on how the construction progresses, from the planning phase all the way to finishing stages, to make sure that your swimming pool meets your expectations.

Benefits of professional consultation for swimming pool owner builders:

Assistance with pool design – Delorenzo Pools will guide you through the pool design process, and will help you to determine the size, shape, and depth of your new swimming pool, and then present complete plans that include all the necessary materials and specification for your new pool.

Ensures your pool location is ideal – as pool experts, Delorenzo Pools will examine the location to make sure it is ideal for your new concrete swimming pool.

Apply for and obtain permits – not only does Delorenzo Pools offer professional consultation services for swimming pool owner builders, but we will also help you apply for all the necessary permits from local authorities.

Once all plans and permits are in place, Delorenzo Pools will excavate the soil, and then pour and shape the concrete that will become your new swimming pool, including all the necessary plumbing and electrical work.

With the help of professional consultation from Delorenzo Pools, swimming pool owner building is easy and affordable. As the homeowner, you become the contractor, and we become the subcontractor that works for you.

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