What are the Benefits of Having a Play Pool or Sports Pool?

March 29, 2021

Many homeowners today are renovating their indoor or outdoor pools, transforming them into play pools or sports pools. By making a pool's deep end shallower, professional pool renovators can perform a makeover that creates a shallow area at both ends of the pool. Most new residential pools are currently being constructed with a central deep section that holds just four to five and a half feet of water. The pool's two end sections have water levels of only three to four feet in depth.

This promotes sports activities and game playing for children, teens and adults at both ends of the pool. At the same time, the pool's centre area can be used for swimming, water exercises and aquatics routines. Of course, if you have diving enthusiasts in the family who want safe use of a diving board, you will need to make the centre section about eight to ten feet in depth. You will need a similar water depth if you plan to include a slide or any sports equipment or activity that results in high-speed water entry by swimmers, divers or water game players. 

 There are many advantages to having a play pool or sports pool on your home property. Any major home improvement can be costly, and a pool addition or renovation does require a sizable initial investment. However, this expense will provide multiple valuable future benefits, including significant energy savings, less costly pool maintenance and plenty of safe pool-time fun for your entire household. For expert advice, pool designs and building or renovating services, consult our professionals at Delorenzo Pools with clients throughout Melbourne and surrounding regions.

More Important Benefits of Having a Home Play Pool or Sports Pool

By building or renovating a pool on your home property to create a stylish and functional new play pool or sports pool, you can benefit greatly from the following major features:

  • Safety for Children and Swimmers. Having a play pool with shallow sections at both ends promotes better safety for young children's playtime in the pool. It is much easier to watch children in these shallow play-designated areas than in a standard pool with a very limited shallow area. By installing flexible yet sturdy mesh dividers that separate the deeper middle section of your pool from the two shallow play areas, you can prevent small children from straying into the deeper water during play.

When your friends who are avid swimmers see the two ends of your pool set up with toy water bikes, balls, floats and games without a diving board, they will know not to dive into the water to avoid injury. Since fewer home pools now have deep ends or sections with boards for diving, experienced swimmers know to look first before taking a deep dive. 

  • Water, Energy and Money Savings. Your average play pool or sports pool will require approximately 3,500 fewer gallons of water for regular use than a standard size pool, which can cut your pool's operating expenses significantly. Also, your smaller pool will require less sanitiser, oxidiser, algaecide and water balancing products to ensure that it offers a healthy swimming and game playing environment for your family members and friends.

Although many newer pools now use water purifying systems like ozone, advanced oxidation or ultraviolet light, you may still be using chlorine in your pool for this purpose. If so, you can reduce your use of chlorine for pool sanitising. A pool with less water volume also requires fewer hours of filtering, so you can cut your filter and pump operating time from six to eight hours back to four or five hours per day, reducing your energy bills.  

  • Fun for Your Entire Family. Your newly constructed or renovated play pool or sports pool is the ideal place for a family enjoyed by one and all. Children, teens and adults can play games together. You can also have different types of games and play set up at the two ends of your pool, one for your youngsters and the other for the teenagers in your family. Many families now enjoy much more time together once they have play pools or sports pools on their home properties.

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