What are the Pros and Cons of Swimming Pool Covers?

May 25, 2021

There are many factors and features to consider during the design of a swimming pool today, including whether to include a pool cover. After creating plans for the lighting, heating and self-cleaning functions, you may want to add a cover to the design.

Pool architects, engineers and designers have varying opinions concerning the inclusion of a cover for your new pool. You will need to determine whether creating a cover is necessary to the overall functionality, lifespan and healthiness of your pool.

The Pros and Cons of Installing Swimming Pool Covers

The pluses and minuses of adding a cover to your plans for a swimming pool design include the following:


  • Maintaining Water Temperature. By installing a cover for your swimming pool, you can maintain or gently raise the temperature of the pool water. A sturdy, well-fitted cover can also significantly lower your pool heating expenses.
  • Lowering Water Lossage. Evaporation is a major cause for a noticeable reduction in your swimming pool water levels. Other common causes may be frequent splashing and leaks. Excessive or ongoing water loss can result in a damaged pump system and faulty skimmers. A pool cover can help cut down on the amount of water loss when your pool is not in use as well.
  • Ensuring Less Chlorine Consumption. A swimming pool cover can lessen the amount of UV light that makes contact with the water. This is a definite benefit since the pool water’s chlorine content is weakened by UV light. With the cover in place, you will need to buy less chlorine.
  • Reducing Accumulations of Leaves. With a cover on your swimming pool, the amounts of leaf build-up in your pool water will be less. You will need to empty the auto-water cleaner less frequently. In addition, your pool filter, pumps and skimmer net will not be overworked. You will also need to replenish fewer amounts of chlorine in your pool water.


  • Interfering with Aesthetics. Many people think that adding a cover to their swimming pools harms the aesthetic quality of the entire pool area. Since pools are included as major elements of lawn and garden design, covers may interfere with the overall visual attractiveness of your swimming pool environment. Even a well-designed cover can be displeasing, and it will hide the beauty of your pool from sight when in the closed position.
  • Positioning Pool Cover. If your swimming pool cover is manually operated, the constant need to reposition the cover from the open to closed position and back can be an ongoing annoyance. Yet if your cover is a contemporary rigid style, you can operate it more easily.
  • Installing and Storing Cover. Different pool cover designs require varying amounts of storage space when not in use. In addition, the majority of cover designs can be attached to or placed beneath an adjoining deck. However, if your pool area space is limited, you may not be able to install a pool cover.
  • Aligning Pool and Cover Design. Since pools are designed in myriad sizes and shapes today, finding the right cover for your pool may be difficult. If you cannot locate a cover with the same dimensions as your pool, you will need a customised swimming pool cover.

When you contact our experienced professionals at Delorenzo Pools located in Carrum Downs, Victoria, you will obtain excellent advice, designs and installation services for your swimming pool cover. Our experts will ensure that your pool cover improves the healthiness and operation of your pool features while greatly enhancing the fashion and flair of your lawn and garden areas.


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