What is a Natural Swimming Pool and Why Should You Have One?

September 13, 2021

A natural swimming pool is free of chemicals and environmentally friendly. It filters out microorganisms that can be harmful to your health. These pools are designed to purify water by making use of principles identical to the ones used by nature.

Each natural pool consists of two separate parts. There is a swimming section and a regeneration area that includes many diverse types of plants being nourished hydroponically by the water.

In a biological filter and within the regeneration area are both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to deal with any unwanted elements. As water is filtered into this area and then returned to the swimming section of the pool, it is cleansed and purified.

Reasons for Having a Natural Swimming Pool

Main reasons why you should have a natural swimming pool include the following:

  • No Need for Chemicals. One of the main reasons for having a natural swimming pool today is the absence of chemicals in the water. Your pool will be eco-friendly and safe for swimming, kept clean by an alternative natural technique. As an added convenience, you will not need to pay for pool cleansing chemicals year after year.
  • Energy-Efficient and Beautiful Pool. The energy consumption of a natural swimming pool is significantly less than that of a regular pool with chemically treated water. Since the regeneration zone of a natural pool also serves as a stunning water garden, homeowners with these pools on their property gain yet another benefit.
  • Chemical Pool Adaptability. If you currently have a chemical pool on your home property, it can be converted into a natural swimming pool. However, you must have enough space surrounding your existing pool to accommodate the natural pool's regeneration zone. Keep in mind, too, that this zone must be equal to the swimming section in size. By consulting natural swimming pool builders, you can discover the many health benefits of converting your chemical pool to a natural one.
  • Natural Pool Construction. A well-built natural swimming pool is an expertly balanced ecosystem in a water environment. It includes the use of hydraulics, hydroponics, limnology (study of the components of lakes and other freshwater environments) and updated pool construction techniques. The natural pool system and components must be skillfully planned and built by experienced pool builders who often collaborate with landscape architects. Your home property will exude a healthy atmosphere with the addition of a natural pool.
  • Algae Control in Natural Pools. A limited amount of algae growth is needed in your natural swimming pool's regeneration zone. With the addition of certain aquatic plants, any excess algae cannot survive. This is because the aquatic plants will confiscate all of the nutrients present in the pool's environment. The small number of algae that may survive and enter the swimming area will be swept away by the vacuum or pool sweeper. Excess algae accumulation will never be a problem in your natural pool, as it often is in chemical pools.

By contacting our natural swimming pool experts at Delorenzo Pools located in Skye, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding regions, you can obtain top-rated advice and pool designs. Our experienced team will also provide full pool construction and installation services. They will ensure that your new natural home swimming pool satisfies and even surpasses all of your expectations and needs for a beautiful, all-natural water environment and swimming experience.

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