Why Being a Swimming Pool Owner Builder Pays Off

October 24, 2019

An owner-builder is commonly defined as a person that supervises and project manages the construction in their house either entirely or partly. In some instances, they are also the ones who carry out the task required in the property they own. As many people took it to themselves to install a swimming pool in their homes, many have tried to be a swimming pool owner builder. Luckily, with advance preparation, accurate plans, exact pricing and knowledge of the construction process and phases, anyone can be a swimming pool owner builder.

Below are some of the common reasons why being a swimming pool owner builder pays off.

Cost Effective

The primary advantage of being a swimming pool owner is that it is evidently cost-effective. An average pool builder is said to charge approximately 25-40 percent of the total costs. That is why being an owner-builder will definitely save you a lot of money. Not only will you be able to cut back on labour expenses, you will also be the one to canvass and shop for fixtures, fitting, materials and flooring materials at their most competitive prices. You can also source tradespeople that are willing to work to your budget. The only two requirements for being a swimming pool owner builder is the permit and technical know-how of installing a swimming pool.

Total Control

Since every decision in the construction of your own swimming pool requires your approval, you will be able to have a total control in the entirety of the project. As a result, everything will be done as you wish. You can decide exactly how you want your pool to become without considering any other builder’s vision. You can build the design of your swimming pool using your preferred materials. You have complete authority over the building itself. If you want to change a certain aspect in your swimming pool midway through its construction, you can do so without question. You can be as flexible in the construction schedule as you want. You can change deadlines depending on factors like weather, budget and resources availability. You can also make your own timetable.


Being involved in the construction of a swimming pool is extremely exhausting; however, it is also enormously satisfying. There is a certain gratification in admiring the work you have planned, worked on, and supervised.  However, it is also important that you consult a professional in overseeing the final aspects of your swimming pool construction. Being a swimming pool owner builder can be a very simple process, but there are certain tasks – mandated by law, that you cannot do yourself; unless, you are qualified in these fields.

Being a swimming pool owner builder can be quite tedious, that is why we at Delorenzo Pools will help you with our owner builder consultation. We are composed of a professional and friendly team that focuses on the client’s needs in order to strive for customer satisfaction.

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