Why Broken and Cracked Pool Tiles Call for Immediate Attention

October 9, 2020

Tiles that are often used in swimming pools can last for a long time, especially if they are maintained regularly. However, there will be some situations where these pool tiles might suddenly get broken or cracked due to unforeseen circumstances. Without getting any immediate attention, these broken or cracked pool tiles might pose subsequent problems and incidents that can cause harm to the structure of the pool as well as the people who will be using this special area.

Possible Causes of Broken or Cracked Pool Tiles

There are numerous possible reasons why pool tiles become broken or cracked. For one, the pool tiles may have received a sharp blow that has affected its whole structural integrity. A heavy object might have been dropped directly to the tiles, causing them to get substantial damages. Improper installation and maintenance of pool tiles can likewise cause them to get broken easily.

Places that experience cold surrounding temperatures can likewise experience broken or cracked pool tiles. Whenever the water accumulates and freezes in the joint between the coping of the pool and a concrete pool deck, then you can expect your pool tiles to expand by up to 9% in volume. This expansion will then cause some cracks on the tiles and damaging them permanently.

Any movement on the area where the pool is constructed can affect the condition of the tiles. The pressure that comes from soil or ground movement can cause pool tiles to crack and get broken eventually. The use of wrong and inappropriate type of tiles for the pool may expose them to too much water, which might then infiltrate their surface and cause cracks just after few months of use.

Immediate Attention is Essential for Damaged Tiles

If ever your pool has broken or cracked tiles, then you have to repair or even replace them immediately. Broken or cracked tiles can pose many more problems for the whole structure of the pool. They might affect the integrity of the pool bond beam, which requires help from professionals. The presence of broken or cracked tiles may also spread to other tiles if ever they will not be repaired right away. Therefore, immediate attention must be given so that the whole pool will not obtain more damages. The whole structure of the pool is also reserved once attention is given to faulty tiles.

Subjecting broken or cracked tiles under repair are also important for the people who will be using and swimming in the pool. The presence of damaged tiles can cause safety hazards among swimmers as these tiles might suddenly chip off and generate unnecessary debris on the water. These tiles might likewise be stepped on by some swimmers, which can cause injuries and serious wounds.

To effectively repair or replace your pool tiles, then you must hire a professional service pool company. Working with them can surely help you prevent pool problems that may be associated with broken or cracked pool tiles and reduce the chances of people getting injuries.

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