<h1>Pool Renovation</h1><p>Does your concrete swimming pool need renovations, repair or resurfacing? <br />Delorenzo pools offer expert advice and can handle all your pools needs for renovation.</p><a href='services.html'>Learn More</a> <h1>Landscape Design</h1><p>With one of our team member recently completing a Diploma of landscape design we now cover that aspect within our company. From paving to landscaping we do it all!</p><a href='services.html'>Learn More</a> <h1>Pool Building</h1><p>Is it time to finally build your dream swimming pool but don’t know where to start or what to do? Why not let us take that confusion away and explain how it all works.</p><a href='services.html'>Learn More</a>

WELCOME TO Delorenzo Pools Melbourne

Delorenzo Pools Melbourne provide owner building consulting and full services for your concrete swimming pool; we strive for the best possible solution for our clients at an affordable price. We love what we do and we bring passion and commitment to every project we take on.