2022 Design Ideas for Inground Swimming Pools

February 25, 2022

An inground pool is an excellent way to beat the summer heat. It can also add beauty and value to your home. If you are thinking of installing an inground pool or renovating an existing one, this year, you have plenty of ideas for designs that will spark your imagination. Here are a few of the more popular ideas for inground pools in 2022.


Shallower and Narrower

Diving boards are disappearing, and the trend seems to be for shallower pools that are narrower and do not take up as much space. Homeowners are choosing spacious shin-deep areas that are perfect for children and for those who just want to enjoy being in the water. This also leaves more room for landscaping around the pool and to incorporate other outdoor entertaining features like barbecues and pergolas.


Surfaces and Finishes

Tile finishes continue to be popular, especially deep blue ones. White plaster is popular to give it an upscale feel. Plaster in a range of greys is used to give the pool water the deep blue hue of the ocean. It also creates a seamless transition to the sky from a distance. Treatments that give the water a natural look are popular this year.


Eco Design

Landscaping that gives the pool a feeling of being in nature has been a trend for several years, and it continues to grow. This means placing as much emphasis on the landscaping around the pool as the pool itself. The landscape often includes LED lighting, large-scale plant material, and layers that act as a natural screen. You can also try bringing in large rocks and other elements of the natural world.


Minimalist Modern

Minimalist Modern designs are another popular trend in pools this year. The idea is to give your backyard the feeling of a resort. Concrete and minimalist furniture are features that you often see incorporated into this pool design. The idea is to make the space appear tranquil, even when you are viewing it from inside your home.


Fire and Water Features

Combination features, such as combining fire pits and water is a popular trend that creates drama. Many of these design elements combine water movement against the backdrop of the fire. This design trend creates a unique and inspiring feature.


Pool and Spa Combo

Another popular trend is combining pools and spas in the same area. It is refreshing to go from the spa to the pool or to relax in the spa after a workout swimming laps. Many spas can be incorporated either in the pool itself or beside it.

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