Can Having a Backyard Swimming Pool Add Value to Your Property?

December 14, 2020

When it comes to increasing the overall value of properties, homeowners would normally lean towards the addition of backyard swimming pools over other types of expansion or renovation works due to various reasons. For one, they believe that future property buyers are easily attracted to properties that already have pools. Additionally, they know that these enhancements can make their respective home properties more appealing and functional than those that do not have swimming pools.

While swimming pools can truly enhance the appearance and functionalities of properties, the value that they can add to home properties would still vary based on numerous factors. From installation to maintenance, all these services can be truly expensive. Moreover, some buyers of properties might consider the safety of their families as some swimming pool designs tend to be unsafe and dangerous.

Costs Revolving Backyard Swimming Pools

Adding a backyard swimming pool in your property entails four types of expenses.

  1. Installation Costs: The installation costs of swimming pool normally cover the services acquired from a professional contractor, the materials needed for the pool, as well as all permits and documents that must be obtained before proceeding with the installation. And to assure that your swimming pool would last for a long time, it must utilise materials and components that are somewhat expensive yet durable and long-lasting.
  2. Operating Costs: Another type of expense that a swimming pool has is the operating costs. Your pool water can only be cleaned and filtered if it will go through a circulating pool pump. Additionally, if you intend to heat the water, it will surely cost you a lot more. Your utility bills can go higher as the pumps and other devices deteriorate in quality and functionality.
  3. Maintenance Costs: A backyard swimming pool and its components can only last for a long time if they are maintained regularly. Some maintenance works that must be done in a pool are repairs for pumps and other pool components, maintenance of proper pH levels, and waste removal. Assessment and repairs of the pool tiles and other pool materials must also be conducted regularly. Maintenance services obtained from professionals would likewise cost you some more money.
  4. Insurance Costs: Having a backyard swimming pool can significantly increase the cost of insurance premiums that you have to pay since it is normally considered to be part of external structures. The only way that can make your insurance premiums lower with the pool is to add safety measures.

Backyard Swimming Pools Can Be Valuable

While the overall costs revolving your backyard swimming pool can be huge, all of them may be worth it in the long run. Having a pool in your property may only boost its resale value by around 7%. However, the resale value can go higher than the said percentage if your pool is optimally maintained and still boasts a grand look. Plus, acquiring safety features in place might attract some property buyers and persuade them to invest in your property without compromising safety and security. Constructing additional features such as a patio, adjacent decks, and shade structures can likewise boost the resale value even more.

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