Different Pool Coping Options for Concrete Swimming Pools

December 10, 2018

When installing a new concrete swimming pool design on your home property, one important aspect is deciding on the best choice of coping material to align with your stylistic preferences and practical needs. Coping is the edge or capping that is installed to surround the top rim of your pool. It gives the swimming pool edge a safe, smooth surface to help prevent swimmers from tripping or slipping as they enter or exit the water. The coping also catches and absorbs splashing water from your pool when you and other members of your household or guests dive and jump into the water, or during lively sports games played in your pool. Because the coping is one of the first things you notice when approaching your pool, it should be aesthetically pleasing with a unique, innovative design while offering high levels of durability and easy maintenance.

Ideal Coping Options for Concrete Swimming Pools

The most frequently used materials for pool coping throughout Australia today are natural stones like bluestone, limestone, sandstone, travertine, slate and granite. Although natural stone coping can be costly, it is long-lasting and attractive. Stones that have low degrees of porosity and strong density, such as granite, bluestone or sandstone, are especially popular for coping. Brick is a cost-efficient material for pool coping and is also attractive, especially if you have a brick home or if your garden area or outdoor entertainment room adjoining your pool has brick walling or steps. Another economical option for pool coping is using concrete pavers that are pre-cast. Available in multiple colour and texture choices, they offer uniform thickness for achieving a flat, safe coping surface.

The best coping designs for installation around concrete swimming pools include the following:

  • Square Edged - This paver has square, precise edges, giving a clean, sleek appearance to the space around your pool. This is a popular choice for pool coping to surround contemporary pool designs, although it can also be quite effective as an updating feature on older or more traditional pool shapes and styles.
  • Drop Down Face - This type of tile pool coping offers an attractive, seamless surface effect. It has a lip that covers the pool edging and rim, emphasizing the smooth beauty of the water.
  • Bullnose. - In this coping style for swimming pools, one or multiple edges are somewhat rounded to offer a softer, less uniform image. This coping variety is often associated with the traditional heritage style of pool edge finishing. Additional types of bullnose coping are also often used, which include the half bullnose and sloping bullnose designs.
  • Tumbled Edge - This creative variety of pool coping is styled to have uneven edging for the purpose of lending a rustic sense to a swimming pool.

When you engage the experienced, professional designers, builders and installers of Delorenzo Pools in Melbourne and surrounding areas, you will receive top-tier services for your swimming pool design and pool coping. Our excellent group of swimming pool builders and installers will provide you with the very best in pool designs to include the ideal options of pool coping currently available to satisfy all your stylistic preferences and practical needs.

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