Special Tips in Preparing Your Swimming Pool for a Holiday Party

December 1, 2017

Holiday pool parties can be the source of wonderful times for you and your family, but there are certain protocols that have to be met when you’re hosting one. If you’ve ever wanted to have an amazing Holiday pool party, you have no doubt considered adding fun Holiday themed activities. However, caution is always advised when mixing swimming pools, parties, and alcohol beverages together, especially if there are going to be children in attendance.

If you want to put together your very own Holiday pool party, but you need some help getting started, here’s a quick guide on what you need to do in preparation:

  • Safety first – it’s the primary concern before any plans are conceived for a pool party. Check the condition of your swimming pool, are there any loose tiles or cracks around the edge of the pool, where people might trip and fall? Is your pool fencing secure? If you are not sure, then you can easily have a pool professional inspect the health of your pool and its surroundings.
  • Invest in a lifeguard – if you are planning a Holiday pool party where alcohol is served and water activities are planned, then it is advised to consider hiring a lifeguard, or someone who is trained in first aid and can perform CPR.
  • Resurface your swimming pool area – installing a non-skid surface around your pool has many advantages, not only as a safety feature for your Holiday pool party, but as an investment in your home.
  • Have a lot of floating devices ready – kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy swimming pools, and having enough floating devices on hand will make sure that anyone who wants to use them, can.
  • Lay down the law – even a family Holiday pool party should have rules to follow, for safety’s sake. Letting everyone know what those rules are can be included in a decorative Holiday invitation card or email to those invited, especially if alcohol is going to be served. Rules can include no food and drinks in the pool, no roughhousing or running near the pool’s edge, no throwing people into the pool, all electronics should be kept away from the pool, etc.

The best tip in preparing your swimming pool for a Holiday party is to put safety first, you can do this by having a pool professional like Delorenzo Pools inspect the health of your swimming pool, and then recommend any changes or improvements that can be done.

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