Landscape Ideas for a Small Backyard Swimming Pool

December 13, 2019

Some homeowners have long decided to include a swimming pool in their newly constructed homes. This amenity is essential since it can provide a lot of benefits to the occupants of your home. If the weather is too hot, you have the option to just swim to cool down your bodies. Moreover, hosting a gathering with relatives or friends is more fun with a backyard swimming pool ready to be explored.

Usually, the swimming pool takes up a huge portion of a home’s backyard. The small remaining portion of your backyard, however, can still be used and converted into something eye-pleasing and elegant. Through the perspective and vision of landscaping experts, here are some of the best ideas when designing your small backyard with a swimming pool. 

Pavers and Pathways

Some swimming pools are constructed right beside the main house. However, there are swimming pools that require a few steps and a pathway just to get there. If this is the case for your swimming pool, then creating a paver is recommended for you. These pavers also help people walk through a grass or dirt area for them to reach the pool area with clean feet. And when the swimming time is over, all people get to walk safely and cleanly on the paver towards your home. Pavers, or stepping stones for some, can come in different shapes, styles, and colours. You can choose the design elements according to the existing architecture of your home so that the design is consistent throughout your home.

Pebble Garden

Leaving the swimming pool as is can be a good thing for some. However, some backyards have a lawn that if left untouched, the plants tend to grow wild and can result in the abundance of pests and other harmful organisms. As a remedy, you can construct a small pebble garden on this specific area so that you don’t have to worry about your lawn going wild. This garden can be made from river rocks accompanied by small garden ornaments so that the colours and the overall feel of the whole backyard are balanced. Yard furniture can also be placed to let your family, friends, or neighbours use when they are not swimming in the pool.

Plants and Flowers

From the garden, you need to plant and arrange plants according to your liking, as well as the recommendation of people who are experts in landscaping. The position and location of your plants are crucial when they are planted near the swimming pool. Some plants can tolerate chlorine when repetitively splashed by water, but some plants cannot tolerate such splash that can make them feel unhealthy. Moreover, it is important that you should not let people step on your plants as they use your pool. Plants must not be very close to your pool since bees and butterflies can swarm the plants, which can be dangerous for some people.

Dual-Purpose Benches

If you are not into plants and flowers, then benches could do the trick for you. Dual-purpose benches can utilise the remaining space you have in your backyard since they can be used as storage and as chairs. Storage benches are designed for outdoor use and can be complemented with other outdoor furniture like movable patio chairs and tables. Just take note that your benches must still provide people an ample space for them to access the pool. 

Maximising the remaining space for your backyard with a swimming pool gives your home a fully functional backyard. The appearance of your backyard creates an impression to your visitors that you are into little fine details. If you want to know more about landscaping in a small backyard swimming pool, consult us now at Delorenzo Pools. 

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