Pool Safety Barrier: Consider Installing a Pool Fence

December 4, 2020

A pool fence is a safety barrier that can easily mitigate and prevent gruesome accidents from happening. Installing this specific safety barrier will not only enhance the safety of the swimming pool, but it can also contribute to the enhancement of the physical appearance of the said element. Additionally, most states require swimming pool owners to follow and adhere to common pool safety compliance regulations. 

Basic Pool Fence Regulations

Different states and territories here in Australia require certain specific rules when it comes to the installation of the pool fence. However, there are general pool fence regulations that must be followed by pool owners across these states and territories. These regulations are as follows:

  • A swimming pool fence should have at least 1.2 metres in height.
  • The boundary fences around the pool should be at least 1.8 metres in height.
  • Gaps between the ground, as well as the gaps between the fence posts, must be 100mm or less.
  • The gates incorporated on the fences must be self-closing.
  • The latches of the pool fence must be unreachable by the children.
  • Pool fences should be able to deter the possibility of climbing into the pool area.

The regulations and requirements behind the pool fences are intended to save children from drowning in home swimming pools. And if the water level of the pool is more than 300mm deep, then a safety barrier must be constructed around it. 

Swimming pools that have a water level of more than 300mm deep must possess a safety barrier around them. The installation of the said barrier is intended to save children from drowning as well as keep other things from entering the pool. Most states are keen on implementing these regulations, which is why they would normally conduct an inspection to see if pool owners conform to the set rules and requirements.

Pool Fence Material Options

Pool fences are usually made from durable and long-lasting materials. They must, however, still follow the regulations set by the authorities. Generally, a pool fence must not possess any sharp edges, sharp projections, entrapping spaces, and other similar hazards that can cause harm to anyone.

The materials available for pool fence include glass, mesh, and aluminium. Glass pool fences are known to be the most visually appealing among pool fence material options. Due to their luxurious surface and finish, glass pool fences can easily make an appealing barrier around the pool. They do not also hinder to the view of the pool. They are, however, expensive to purchase, install, and maintain.

Mesh pool fences, on the other hand, are easy to install and dismount. They are also cheaper compared to other pool fence materials. Mesh pool fences come in a wide variety of colours, styles, and heights.

Aluminium pool fences are known to be the most durable and strongest pool fence option among the mentioned materials. Their natural characteristics allow them to be installed quickly and fabricated with numerous design options. They, however, require more cleaning and maintenance to avoid deterioration.

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