Five Main Reasons Why You Should Clean and Maintain Your Pool's Heating System

December 17, 2021

A heating system helps to keep the water at a comfortable temperature in your swimming pool, so there is no adjustment time necessary for the body once you enter the water. As a result, the pleasure of the swim increases a substantial amount. The only way to ensure that this system will operate correctly at all times, though, is if you maintain it properly.

Proper Maintenance of the Pool Heating System Offers You Numerous Benefits

  1. Ensure That the System Works Properly

Regardless of the type of system you own, caring for it correctly will ensure that it operates properly throughout the swimming season. Through routine maintenance, you can catch issues and malfunctions earlier than if you wait for the system to break down before taking action. Check your heating system each week as you clean your pool to ensure that you stay on top of its condition.

  1. Reduces Power Usage

If your heating system is gas or electric in nature, you will reduce its power usage when you keep it working up to optimal standards. For example, when parts of the system need repair, the heater may run longer than necessary to achieve the desired water temperature.

  1. Lengthens the Swimming Season

When your heating system operates optimally throughout the season for swimming, you can even lengthen the normal season in comparison to not heating the pool water. This means that you may start swimming as much as one month sooner and quit swimming at least, one month later in most cases. As a result, you will heighten the pleasure that your pool brings you when your heating system keeps the water nice and toasty warm.

  1. Reduce Repair Bills

When you catch problems early, you will reduce repair bills. Repairing minor issues with the system is less costly than waiting until the entire system calls for replacement.

  1. Warm Pool Water Soothes Aching Joints and Muscles

By properly maintaining the heating system of your swimming pool, you will be able to soothe aching joints and muscles when you swim. You can increase the pool water up to about 25-degrees to 30-degrees Celsius. To visualise this temperature, think about a trip to the beach on a sunny day.

For further facts about the importance of maintaining your swimming pool heating system, consult with Delorenzo Pools. We are a one-stop-shop for all elements of pool design, construction and maintenance, including your heating system needs.



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