Top Questions to Ask Before Owner Building a Swimming Pool

December 11, 2017

Have you ever dreamed of walking into your backyard and seeing a gorgeous pool waiting for you? There is something uniquely satisfying and almost indescribable about having a nice, cool pool ready for you to relax in at a moment’s notice. Most people let this dream stay a dream, never taking that next step -- due in large part to the issues of finances. Fortunately, there are many ways to cut costs while making your pool-owning dreams a reality. At Delorenzo Pools Melbourne, we help to set up these dreamers with the tools that they need in order to become a satisfied pool owner. What is our process? Why, we help you to become an owner builder yourself. Let's talk about owner building your own pool and discuss a few important questions that you need to ask along the way.

Owner Building a Swimming Pool - What You Need To Know.

Now that we've introduced you to the world of becoming an owner builder for your own swimming pool, we feel it is time to answer some key questions that you may have. Listed below, you will find the most common questions people have before becoming an owner builder.

1. What is the benefit of becoming an owner builder?

Well, in an ideal world you would have the kind of money necessary to just hand the job off to a construction company. Unfortunately, times can be tough and money can be tight. When becoming an owner builder, you take on the burden of the physical labour in exchange for the extra expense. In this transaction, you save thousands of dollars by putting in a little bit of sweat equity.

2. Can I become an owner builder at my apartment or condo?

The answer here is, generally, no. You must own or co-own the land upon which the pool will be built. If this is not the case then you will need written consent from the property owner, whether it be a friend or a landlord.

3. Am I allowed to do my own plumbing?

Unfortunately, even as an owner builder you will need to outsource all plumbing related work for the pool to someone who is licensed by or registered by the VBA. A certified plumber is required to have on site.

4. How long is my building permit or certificate of consent valid?

So, if the work you take on is worth more than $16,000, you will be provided with a certificate of consent that lapses after 12 months. Your building permit will be good until it lapses.

How does Delorenzo Pools help the process?

Well, our hands are in on the project from start to finish. From consultation regarding design all the way to adding the water, and everything in between, we are there to help and guide you. We help every step of the way in order to complete the project to meet your needs and demands.

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