Pool Fencing and Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools

December 2, 2016

In the Victoria area of Australia, swimming pool owners must adhere to certain regulations that a set in place for pool fencing and safety barriers to prevent children from unknowingly entering a pool. After all, children can drown without proper adult supervision depending upon their age. Failure to comply with these regulations may lead to legal issues for the property owners on top of the children being at risk. Refer to the information here to begin to learn the rules about installing any type of fencing or barrier around your particular pool.

You Must Install Temporary Barriers during Construction of an In-Ground Pool or Spa

Even during the construction process of an in-ground pool or spa, you must install temporary barriers to ensure that no one falls into the opening for the pool by accident. Without these barriers, children, pets and adults can come to harm by falling into the hole for the pool or spa.

Pools and Spas Deeper than 300 MM Require a Safety Barrier or Fence

All in-ground, above-ground and inflatable spas and swimming pools that are deeper than 300 mm must also contain a safety barrier that complies with the Australian standard set forth in the Building Regulations 2006. It depends upon when the pool was built on whether or not it can have access direct from the house. Pools constructed or installed after 2010 require no access from the house and a fence on all four sides.

Safety Barriers or Pool Fences Must Be Non-Climbable

Pool fencing and safety barriers for swimming pools need to be of a non-climbable construction, so that children cannot access the area by climbing over the barrier. A number of different styles are available to ensure that the choice you decide upon still looks attractive while it safeguards children from unnecessary risk. In addition, the fences should never be near other structures that the children can climb on to venture over them.

Specific Rules Are in Place for the Gates of These Barriers

The details for the gates on the pool fences and safety barriers also are covered in the regulations. These need to be self-closing and self-latching. You also should always keep the gates closed to be legal.

At Delorenzo Pools, you can receive additional advice and guidance on the legalities that govern pool fencing and safety barriers for swimming pools and spas. We also will furnish these elements for you to bring your pool or spa area into compliance as the laws figure in on your exact situation and age of pool or spa.

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