Kiddie Swimming Pool Ideas that Your Kids Will Love

December 13, 2018

Nearly every kids loves to play in water, and if you are considering investing in a concrete swimming pool, and you are worried that your young kids won’t be able to enjoy it, you can also have a kiddie swimming pool added too. Even if you already have a swimming pool, you can redesign it to accommodate a kiddie pool for adults and small children.

If you don’t want a large inground concrete swimming pool, but only a small kiddie swimming pool your kids will enjoy, there are many design ideas available that even adults can enjoy too.

Kiddie Swimming Pool Ideas Your Kids Will Love

When it comes to inground concrete pools, any size, shape, and design idea is possible. With that said, planning a kiddie swimming pool may seem like a huge task, but it won’t be if you understand what children want? Kids like to play, that is exactly what they will do in their new pool. Knowing the type of games and play activities children will engage in will help make sure that your new kiddie swimming pool is safe, and fun.

Size and Shape of Your Kiddie Swimming Pool

Determining the size and shape of a kiddie swimming pool is the best place to start. The overall size is limited to the amount of space you have available in your backyard, and the age and size of your children are also considered. Delorenzo Pools can help you determine the size of the pool to meet your children’s needs. Square or rectangular pools are not the ideal shape for kiddie pools, but circular is better, as children can enter and exit from any direction easily.

Entering and Exiting Safely

Kiddie swimming pools should include anti-slip flooring around the pool, as children can’t help but run when they are exited and playing, this will ensure that they do not slip and fall. Also, rather than having steps for children to enter and exit the water, slopping access can designed. This can also limit the chance of kids getting hurt on the edges of pool steps.

While children are always happy to have a swimming pool to play in, there are simply too many kiddie swimming pool ideas to consider here. That is why we invite you to contact us at Delorenzo Pools and we can help you design and be the owner builder of your very own perfect kiddie swimming pool that your kids will love.

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