How to Set Your Swimming Pool Heating System Right

December 9, 2019

In any circumstances, may it be used for sports or leisure, swimming pool heating systems must be set the right way. If the water in your swimming pool is too cold, then you probably will not swim in it. If you want to enjoy your pool not only on sunny days, then you are best advised to choose an efficient pool heating system. It is important to set your swimming pool heating system right for comfort and energy efficiency. Below is how you can do so.

Swimming Pool Heating System Options

Before delving deeper into the methods of setting your swimming pool heating system right, you have to be familiar with the available pool heating options.  The three main types of pool heating systems include solar swimming pool heaters that use the heat from the sun to heat pool water, gas swimming pool heaters that use propane or natural gas, and electric swimming pool heaters. Pool professionals can help recommend the type of swimming pool heater that will best accommodate your budget, heating needs, and the size of your swimming pool.

Solar Cover

A solar cover not only acts as a protective lid for your pool but is specially designed to absorb solar heat while doing so. This feature gives it the ability to reduce evaporation while improving heat retention. Place solar covers in your swimming pool and use as many as needed to cover your water’s surface area. From there, they’ll do the rest, floating on the surface while harvesting solar heat. Opt for solar rings that contain small magnets inside, these help them retain a good connection to nearby rings.


Gas pool heaters use either natural gas or propane. As the pump circulates the pool's water, the water drawn from the pool passes through a filter and then to the heater. The gas burns in the heater's combustion chamber, generating heat that transfers to the water that's returned to the pool.

They're most efficient when heating pools for short periods of time, and they're ideal for quickly heating pools. Therefore, gas pool heaters can be a good choice for pools that aren't used on a regular basis. Unlike heat pump and solar pool heaters, gas pool heaters can maintain any desired temperature regardless of the weather or climate.


An electric pump is powered by electricity to extract heat from the outside air and distribute it into the water. The electric heat pumps do not generate any heat themselves. Electric heat pumps are therefore dependent on the outside temperature. Heat pumps are efficient so long as the temperature is higher than 10 °C. They generate up to 5 kW of heat for 1 kW of energy. If the outside temperature falls below 10 °C, it is best to shut off the electric heat pump.

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