6 Reasons to Consider Investing in An Infinity Pool

March 29, 2022

Infinity pools define luxury. They are the focal point of any luxurious hotel, expensive villa or any other glamorous vacation stay. They are the modern design for swimming pools and reflective pools and are loved for their glamour and lavish aesthetics.

What Is An Infinity Pool?

Essentially, it is a pool like any other, but it tricks the eye into seeing not line between where the pool ends and the skyline, so it is like an infinite pool or lake. For some people this is a magical effect and offers a wonderful calming effect.
Remember the design is an optical illusion and although it looks like you could fall off the ledge of a building or the cliff where the pool sits, it is completely safe.
So should you invest in an infinity pool? These are four reasons why you might want to have an infinity pool installed.

The Waterfall Effect Keeps The Pool Cleaner

Basically, the infinity feature is just a waterfall at the edge of the pool. The water flows off the pool into a basin below and is then filtered back into the larger pool. The waterfall works at keeping the water cleaner, so the pool stays reflective and clear blue better than it does in a non-infinity pool.

It Offers an Ultra-Luxurious Feel to The Property

The design was invented by Architect John Lautner in the 1960s, but we all became familiar with the design when it was seen in the “Diamonds Are Forever” movie. Then and now, people always associate luxury with an infinity pool. So if you want to create a luxuriant pool area, the infinity design is one of the best options to do that.

The Pool Frames The View

If you happen to have a large property with a gorgeous landscape view, an infinity pool can encase that view and allow you and your guests to enjoy the pool and the view.

Infinity Pools Are Ideal for Sloping Properties

When your property has a slope it can be ideal for an infinity pool as it will showcase the slope, wooded areas and greenery.

They Improve The Value of Your Property

Before you install an infinity pool you should think about the size you want. Infinity pools cost approximately 30% more than standard pools, but if you have a home that could be showcased by the infinity pool then the installation will greatly increase the value of your property. Even so, because of the cost and the need for maintenance, you may want to stick to a smaller pool option.

Infinity Pools Offer Flexibility

There are many options when it comes to infinity pools. You can choose materials from fibreglass to custom tiled pools, even a pool with glass walls. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your budget and your imagination.

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