Budget-Friendly Swimming Pool Ideas this 2022

February 10, 2022

Having a small backyard pool is more affordable than ever if you are an Owner Builder. Owner builders can hire tradespeople directly as needed to construct swimming pools on their property. It is a great way to save a lot of money when building a swimming pool, rather than having a licensed contractor do it.

Many people still don’t know what a registered Owner Builder is, or the benefits of obtaining a permit to build. Mainly, it can save a homeowner between 40-60% off the cost of building a swimming pool by hiring a licensed pool contractor. For those unfamiliar with an Owner Builder status, the definition is provided below with the benefits.

Why Owner Builders can Build Affordable Small Backyard Pools

Owner builders are property owners who want to build or develop their land without becoming licenced contractors. Registering and obtaining a permit is fairly easy. And there are also professional tradespeople that can help meet all the requirements. But isn’t a small backyard pool constructed by a licenced contractor better than one built by a professional trades contractor hired by an Owner Builder?Actually, no.

Owner Builders can hire professional trade contractors themselves to build a swimming pool in their backyard. These are the same pool professionals that get hired to build swimming pools by licenced contractors.

The truth is that many licenced professional pool contractors hire trade contractors as they need them, and do not employ any permanent staff. With that being said, Owner Builders can reduce the total cost of their swimming pool by up to 60%, just by hiring professional pool builders directly, and still construct the same level of a quality swimming pool as a licenced pool contractor could.

Types of Affordable Small Backyard Pools That are Perfect for Owner Builders

Once you have decided to register as an Owner Builder, there are many types of budget-friendly pools to build. To get started, it is first best to consult with an experienced company that specialises in all things about pools, or pool professionals that offer their services to Owner Builders, such as Delorenzo Pools.

With nearly three decades of experience in all things related to pools and pool construction, Delorenzo Pools can show you many examples of small pool designs that are perfect for your backyard. We will work with you from beginning to end, planning, budgeting, and building your new pool.

Delorenzo Pools Melbourne provides owner building consulting and services for your concrete swimming pool. We strive for the best possible solution for our clients at an affordable price. We love what we do, and we bring passion and commitment to every project we take on.

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