The Magic of Glass Tiles for Swimming Pools: How They Add a Luxurious Feel to Your Home

January 10, 2022

Whether it is re-tiling an existing swimming pool, or designing a new pool, there are qualities that glass and mosaic tiles have that make them one of the most popular choices. Not only is it the trend to re-tile and resurface swimming pools, but to do it in a stylish way that creates pool designs that are amazing works of art.

If you want to remodel your current swimming pool to make it look new, or if you are planning to install a new pool on your property. If you want the design to be stunning and stylish, then glass and mosaic tiles have many qualities that make them excellent for your home swimming pool.

Qualities that Make Glass and Mosaic Tiles Perfect for Your Home Swimming Pool

Here are the qualities of glass and mosaic tiles that make them a good choice for any home swimming pool:

Glass Tiles for Swimming Pools Have Unparalleled beauty

There are no other types of pool tiles that can compare to the beauty of glass and mosaic tiles. When used throughout, their reflective qualities can create the illusion that your pool is much larger than it is. Although these can be much pricier than standard pool tiles, when used to highlight areas of your pool, such as the steps, areas of the shallow end, and the perimeter of the pool, the aesthetic result is well worth their price.

Glass Tiles for Swimming Pools Have a Very wide selection of colours, sizes, and styles

When designing swimming pools, careful choices should be made in the type and colour of tiles, so that they will match the home. Glass and mosaic tiles have a nearly unlimited selection of colours available, and come in many sizes that can meet any aesthetic needs.

Glass Tiles for Swimming Pools are Highly durable

When compared to other types of pool interior surfaces, such as fibreglass and plaster, glass and mosaic tiles last longer because they are naturally resistant to chemical corrosion. And, they are easier to keep clean.

Glass Tiles for Swimming Pools are Slip-resistant

When considering pool safety, glass and mosaic tiles are a good choice because they are slip-resistant and will help to prevent accidents poolside.

Considering all the qualities that glass and mosaic tiles offer pool owners, it is no wonder why they are so popularly used in all types of swimming pools. If you would like to learn more about what can be done to creatively decorate your swimming pool, then contact the pool experts at Delorenzo Pools Melbourne.

Delorenzo Pools Melbourne is a family-owned business based in Melbourne specializing in all things about pools, owner builder consultation, DIY pools. With nearly 3 decades of servicing Victoria, our business ethos is based on high-quality service and attention to detail. Our professional & friendly team is all about the Client’s needs & our business strives for customer satisfaction. Each pool is unique to tailor suit the client-specific needs and budget.

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